We have selected a dedicated fabric platform for printed products.
A very valid proposal of materials from the point of view of comfort, performance, durability and - last but not least - color rendering.
Berenis adopts only fabrics Made in Europe.

We use the digital technology for the production of the transfer papers, to produce only what is needed and to obtain the best print quality. Last but not least, we only use water colours. Our printing system is equipped with special laser centering systems, which guarantee high quality and precision positioning of the graphics on the product even in large-scale productions.


FLY Carbon is a new high end fabric with carbon yarn and is specific for printed products. Made of a very soft multi-filament of polyester and carbon Resistex® yarns, its surface structure is flat and smooth and the hydrophilic treatment emphasizes the quick dry feature.
Carbon yarns are naturally bacteriostatic (100% natural, non-toxic, no chemical content), have antistatic properties as well as be thermoregulating and the polyester content enhances moisture transfer properties.

Composition: Multi-Filament Polyester 79% + Elastan 9% + Carbon Resistex ° 12% _ OekoTex


Premio is a superfine polyamide techno-fiber with a jersey structure with hydrophilic properties.
This fabric is characterized by a flat surface and is extremely soft to the touch with enhanced moisture management and quick dry properties.

Composition: 87% Polyester + 13% Elastan


Polyester-based, Imprint has a particular soft three-dimensional surface structure that delivers improved moisture management and quick drying properties. Excellent color rendering of the printed graphics.

Composition: 90% Polyester + 10% Elastan


Air is a new proposal in the printed product range: a very flat structure offers good comfort and is soft on the skin. This fabric has good moisture control and is quick drying.

Composition: 86% Polyester + 14% Elastan