Custom projects

Since ever Berenis develops custom projects with utmost attention to details.


A first step of Concept, where we develop together with the customer the main ideas behind the product, is followed by a second step where the product is defined into 2D. This stage is important to define the main features of each product.
In the third stage we use a 3D project design system to simulate all the pad volumes and components.
In this moment it's also possible to play with graphic elements or try different textures of the superior cover fabric.
Once approved in all its elements, the pad moves to the proto stage first and pre-production after. Only after accurate tests and controls on the field the product will start its bulk production and sale life.

1 | 8 Concept Developing
2 | 8 Technical Drawing in 2D
3 | 8 Support Area and Comfort Area focus
4 | 8 Technical Drawing in 3D, 1:1 dimension
5 | 8 Technical Drawing in 3D, 1:1 dimension
6 | 8 Technical Drawing in 3D, foam’ sections
7 | 8 Development of graphic options
8 | 8 Final Prototype