About us

Berenis produces a good mid range of cycling pads, proudly made in Europe (Croatia) with European fabrics and foams, at extremely affordable prices, offering the best value for money.
Berenis makes an important selection of foams and fabrics to offer to its customers the best possible combination at the required target price.
We are also very experienced in the production of Custom Products, offering patented technologies, selected materials, very good experience and consultancy, given by many years of partnership with the most important worldwide brands.

Our mission

Our Mission is to supply the bike industry with good mid level products with exceptionally good value for money, thanks to our market expertise.

Our vision

Berenis' Vision is to be the PREMIUM global partner in producing mid / entry level products, with the best materials available in the market, at the most affordable prices.
Innovation, research and reliability are our guidelines to develop all our new products.
Great care in detail, great selection of components, great customer service and product consultancy are the basis to offer you a great product experience.


Berenis has a reputation of striving for innovation, using performing materials and for being very competitive. Our next challenge is to continue doing what we are doing, just better.
Our new approach is about improving our manufacturing stages, the supply chain, the pad design and production, the packaging and last but not least logistics, so to have a more sustainable impact on the environment.
Our new production technique allows an 80% waste reduction. Our sublimated products use water based colors and digital printing only, in order to save energy and paper.
The Rooted Gel technology limits the use of materials to what is strictly necessary.

The Cytech Group

Berenis is part of CyTech Group, the multinational industrial group that encompasses Elastic Interface®, the renowned Italian brand and leading producer of cycling pads, and Bikepad, which manufactures products made in Mexico.

Berenis has joined the CyTech Group since the beginning of 2015, the unique global alternative for cycling pads worldwide:

Elastic Interface® Technology (EIT), leader in the market with its Hi-tech chamois 100% made in Italy, the supplier of the best cycling apparel brands worldwide.

Made in Italy

BikePad producing cycling pads made in Mexico, focusing especially on the Nafta market.

Made in Mexico

Berenis, with its production of very good mid range products made in Croatia at an excellent price / quality ratio.

Made in Europe


Berenis collaborates with many clothing brands, worldwide.

We love to call and consider our customers as PARTNERS.
Because with each of them we share projects, provide advice, develope products and ideas specific to their needs.
Each one different and original in terms of materials and construction solutions.

This is why we are proud to cooperate with the most prestigious brands in the cycling industry.